The Hansa Industrial Park in Dortmund-Huckarde has one more attraction:

On the new Volleyball court directly beside the MAGSYS building anyone who likes to practice this new hip and trendy Olympic sport Beach Volleyball can throw him or herself into the fine and white sand to dive for the ball.

The idea behind this originated in the heads of the two MAGSYS co-workers Bernd Kreierhoff and Hartmut Pagel, who have been enthusiastic about Volleyball for years.

After chatting with the property owner (LEG), beach lines, posts and a net were procured in a New York minute. Then, MAGSYS kicked in and sponsored the idea with 240 tons of sand.

On August 6th, the 1st Huckarde Beach Volleyball court was officially christened with a game and barbecue under a sunny sky .

  Beachen 2004 2