MAGSYS magnet systeme GmbH offers you innovative products and customer-specific system solutions for the use of permanent magnets.

Since 1997, we have been valued by our customers throughout the world as a flexible and innovative partner for efficient and comprehensive solutions of their magnet-specific tasks.

In particular, this includes systems for magnetizing permanent magnets at the manufacturer's or at the user's site - as individual magnets or built into products. Our product range is completed by a wide range of special measuring devices for magnetic quantities, e.g. flux or flux density.

Our magnetizing systems are incorporated in the production of a variety of final products.

Typical Applications:

  • Electric motors of all sizes
  • Loudspeakers/Microphones
  • Sensors in the automotive industry (e.g. Antilock Braking Systems or brake assistant)
  • Positioning systems in gearbox (e.g. direct-shift gearbox)
  • Switches (reed switch or contactor)
  • Components for medical technology

New developments in the magnet sector as well as increased demands in quality assurance require high-quality and state-of-the-art magnetizing and measuring equipment.

Our customers are supported by representatives in various countries worldwide.